Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Welcome to Infinite Waves of Beauty

After an almost three year hiatus, I'm going to resume blogging here at this new site.

This time, I intend to make my blog more accessible, and I hope interesting, than my earlier efforts, which really weren't so much serious attempts to blog or produce accessible writing, as a place to dump some of my thoughts and get them out of my system.

I'd like to try a better mix of long and short form posts (though you might not be able to tell at first, from the long posts coming at the start), covering a wider range of topics, and not limited merely to esoteric spirituality, but also covering culture, the arts, politics, and the sciences.

We'll see how this turns out. I am already working on several book projects, some of which I hope to publish this year. But I also feel the need for shorter forms that connect directly to readers, which may help create the beginnings of an audience for those longer works.

All of this is the sort of compulsive behavior that may or may not produce anything of merit, but I feel that it's productive to put something out there while the bigger projects are growing to fruition.

Hope you find this worth your time.



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